#TST / PIROPO – The Dream Is Just In My Mind (Extended Remix) ✨

Following with the “Those Special Tracks” series, here is the next one:

PIROPO – The Dream Is Just In My Mind (Extended Remix)

a Piropo ‎– The Dream Is Just In My Mind  Cover

Yes, another 90’s Track. Cheesy as fuck. With even vocals.

When I listen to this track I get something similar to what a good vibes overdose should be. Another fly away in time and space Track. I think that those melodies influenced me in such a strong way that now it is almost impossible for me to produce a Track without any kind of melody.

I listened to it back in the days on the cassettes from my father and sister, but I found it again in 2010 and I almost cried of happiness. So many fucking years searching for that track… with the melody and the sounds in my head… but being unable to find it.

Once again, thank you YouTube and your recommendations ❤️

Another Vinyl treasure of my collection.

#TST / The Snake Corps – This is a Seagull ✨

Time ago I got the idea of posting on my site special Tracks which in some way has changed myself and which, therefore, are special for me. They bring tons of feeling when I play them again…

Those Special Tracks / TSP

So let’s start with the first and more special one:

The Snake Corps – This is a Seagull…


I don’t know what the fuck this Track has… but It brings me to another dimension. It makes me instantly feeling a mix of melancholy, hope, strength, love, passion, hardness, constancy,… and it is never for me listen to it without nodding or moving my feet. I could listen to it 20 times in a round without getting tired of it. (hello 👋 https://youtubeloop.net/)

This Track always helps me during those shitty hopeless dark times.

It defines what for me music is… expressing feelings with sounds which you would never be able to express with words or other acts.

I just fucking love it ☺️

Maybe it is also special for me because I remember listening to a remix version when I was 6-8 years old, on the car with my parents and sister driving to or from the village from my mother. (I don’t remember the name of that version… but it was the same melody but played with a synthesizer. A cheap electronic copy would I say.)

Be that as it may, it is magic and moves something inside me which I cannot define.

This Vinyl is one of my big treasures.

IWIWAT – Kitzbüheler Winterzeit 🚀

Because winter is already here I had to think about a photo from 2018. It was taken during a snowy winter hiking on the Kitzbüheler Alps.

Kitzbüheler Winterzeit Photo

Here is the Track which I have made trying to remember it,

As always any support, feedback or sharing will be welcome.

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