Classical music concerts 🤔

For my birthday I got two Tickets for two different classical music concerts as a present.
That was going to be my first time in that kind of concert, and I felt somehow between really excited and a little bit worried.

1st Concert


Dmitri D. Schostakowitsch

Alexander K. Glasunow
Violinkonzert a-Moll op. 82

Sergej S. Prokofjew
Peter und der Wolf

2nd Concert


Richard Wagner

Edward Elgar
Symphonie Nr. 2 Es-Dur op. 63

Excited, because always a first-time experience get you somehow nervous like a child and I was really looking forward. I wanted also if see or take some inspiration for my music creations.

Scared, because of the people and the atmosphere. Even never having been in a classical music concert, I knew that almost only rich and old people use to go there, kind of elitist. Maybe I would feel me like out of place.

After these two concerts, here are my thoughts.


  • It is incredible the power of the sound of the instruments being played without a sound system.
  • I was also surprised by the passion which the orchestras showed during both concerts.
  • On the second concert especially I was amazed by the incredible amount of power transmitted by the orchestra director Vasily Petrenko. Even taking one kilogram of amphetamines I would never be able to move me like that.
  • I also saw different ways of playing instruments which I never saw before. It was the Pizzicato on the violin.
  • I confirmed again that I love bass. Especially the one from the percussion instruments.
  • I saw a big group of people enjoying music without needed of doing drugs (so far I want to believe). It remembered me this past summer when I was on the RoteSonne till 6 AM without taking any drug and enjoying the party and the music. Maybe it was also because Endlec is a good Dj who made me dance for hours even being sober.
  • I realized about that instrument which we normally forget to remember, the human body. On the second concert, the soloist Elisabeth Kulman sounded like an angel.


  • The first concert was not so extreme because it was an orchestra formed by young people and there were even children, but on the second one, I was surprised by the median age of the people assisting to it. I guess it was around 60. That made me feel a little like “what da fuck I’m doing here?”. It remembered me to going to the Church in Spain, were only old people are assisting to the mess.
  • The majority of the audience was as I supposed rich as fuck (or they pretend they were).
  • On the first concert especially it made me sad that kind of elitism. I saw some parents between the assistants who seemed like going to explode of pride. I asked myself if their child was playing because he/she likes it or because their parents were forcing him to do that.

(more Pros than Cons!! new years proposal is taking effect 💫🌈)

Even being the second concert more professional and with more quality, I enjoyed the first one more. Maybe because it was already familiar to me that “universal” melody from Peter and the wolf (here you can listen to it if you are wondering which one it is) or maybe because the idea of that each instrument represented a different animal. Without needing a storyteller you could imagine, more or less, what was happening due to the sound atmosphere. Maybe the different kind of audience influenced it too.

I don’t know if I will repeat but it was two nice music experiences although a little bit spoiled by the audience and that stupid elitism. Nothing can be perfect 😅

New Year’s Eve Proposal 🤔

I’m not a fan of “New Year Proposal” lists, but this year I want to set a personal goal, which I hope will help myself a little (and also others)

  • Be more positive.

That’s it.

Or… not to be so negative 🤪

Glass half empty or half full?

  • The optimist will say that the glass is half-full.
  • The pessimist will say that the glass is half-empty.
  • The engineer will say that the glass is 2 times bigger than it needs to be.
  • The politician will say that the glass would be more empty if the opposition were in charge.
  • The project manager will say that the glass is twice as big as it needs to be.
  • The fanatic will say that the glass is full, even though it isn’t.
  • The IT support person will say that you should try emptying the glass and then refilling it.
  • The alcoholic ignores the glass and goes for the bottle
  • The business partner wants the air-water interface to be vertical and “swirly”.
  • Me, “where is my glass?”

And a classic


Complaints book 📕

I just wanted to write this entry on my Website to ask you to contact me if you find that some of the content in this site is private or not right. The same for if you feel you personally injured/attacked/damaged by some of my posts, comments or mentions which you could consider wrong or lie.

Just contact me and I’ll consider your request. I’m always open to discuss.

We all make mistakes, even me.


Thank you for your understanding ❤️

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