I know it has been a long time since the last post on the website. Maybe too long? Who knows…

I can only say that these two years of COVID have not changed my way of seeing life but confirmed many thoughts I had from the past. Mainly it has helped me to discover new weaknesses and strengths in myself.

One of those things has been not overthinking my musical side. I am not stressing myself to produce music when I don’t feel like wanting to do it. Not stressing if my last website post/update was months ago. Because everything comes as it will, and there is no need to force anything. At least not in the parts of my life which I make for joy, entertainment or just for having fun.

However, I have some “almost finished” productions in my basement, which maybe will see the light in the following weeks or months. As said, I try not to stress myself.

As I was saying, I just wanted to announce my last collaboration with the Japanese label GORGE. I’ve asked thanks to Cacu, one of the most interesting persons I’ve met in the previous years, to produce a Track for a new release from GORGE, and I instantly jumped into it.

As I mentioned in an older entry 0808 2021 Mountain Day v1​.​1 – V.A., the production requires that there needs to be a Tom, I need to call it Call Gorge, and I have to say that it is not art. Here you can find all the productions which belong to this release,

If you have time, it is worth listening to every Track. They have been made by people all around the World, which makes a fascinating mixture of styles and sounds.

My Track has been produced mainly using a Tom sample from the Bitwig library. I’ve used it for different percussive sounds, melodies and atmospheres.


I hope you will enjoy it, and feel free to send me feedback; I will appreciate it.

Thank you, peace and take care ♥️

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