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2023 Middle year update

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Hello everybody!

I know I’ve been inactive for the last 6 months. I’m sure nobody of you was asking, “Why are there no updates/releases/new posts/whatever on his page?” so here you have that update you were not waiting for (or maybe yes).

As you can imagine, I’m not so much into music at the last time. Having attended some parties during these 6 months where I was getting disappointed about the music and the Dj itself also did not help much. I needed more motivation to produce dance music again (getting old, maybe?). Still, my previous life experiences and COVID showed me how irrelevant or superficial the “music scene” can be for me.

Years ago, I consumed music as somebody addicted to any concrete product/substance. Somehow I had enough energy to listen to many new productions and my own music every day. I guess I was somehow naΓ―ve or hopeful that the whole “music thing” would change for good. That new music genres would appear. That the “real underground” exists and can be maintained… but after many years, I’ve seen that the “real underground” is just a group of people trying to get high as often and as much as possible, living anaesthetized without wanting to accept reality (some of them call “punks” to themselves… it is just hilarious), using the music as background/excuse. Something that, in the long run, is unhealthy for the body and mind… simply unsustainable if you appreciate your being.

Time showed me that many times in this life, we cannot change things. There are things you can just accept as they are or walk away from, but it doesn’t matter how long you want to change them or how hard you work for them… they will not change, and you will be depleted of energy and frustrated. It is just not worth it.

Returning to the music, I’ve been producing many tracks in these last 6 months and reviewing some old productions I did not finish. But nowadays I invest much less time into that “hobby” which I don’t want that become “work”. That means that everything takes longer in these nowadays where a video which is longer than 10 seconds will get ignored and where you have to consume hundreds of information/news/messages/notifications/bullshit every day, or you are “out”.

I’m thankful for COVID, not because of the thousands of deaths, but because of showing me that the “daily life” we are forced to follow by European society makes no sense. Where everything is focused on consumption and thrown away. Where only the material matters. Whereas if you don’t do anything “special” during the week, you are depressive or some kind of weird person. Not going into bars/cafes/… to consume alcohol and pricey food needs to be understood.

Also, I wanted to mention AI and the near future. There is already software where you can get the music just by writing a sentence… so soon we will have some software where you can say, “Make a banger for Techno 135pbm”, and it will analyze and generate a perfect banger.
Artists, in general, will live hard times (not those rich ones) as people don’t care if something has been created by a human or an AI. And how many artists are using AI in the background without making it public? Which artists should you trust so that they create everything by themselves? Does it have more value if it has been created with AI? How will you know if that track produced by XXXXX has been made by an AI? Does it matter? or is it just relevant that the guy is famous and the track is nice?

In this manner, more music will come, but I cannot tell you when. Maybe when the weather gets worse? When I get bored of playing video games? Maybe when I find the motivation again to make music?

Right now, I feel like, “I have to continue making music because I started this time ago, and I cannot stop/end it now”. But I enjoy from time to time making music, but not daily.

Funny (coincidence?) that today I’ve just seen this article about Laurent Garnier “slowing down” πŸ˜… https://ra.co/features/4212

So… I hope you are doing fine, too πŸ˜ƒ take care!

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Hey, hey, everyone!

I have to admit, I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus for the past six months. But fear not, I’m well aware that none of you were sitting there, desperately pondering the question, “Why oh why are there no updates, releases, or new posts on his page?” So, without further ado, here’s the update you didn’t ask for (or maybe you did, who knows?).

Now, let’s get real about music, or rather, my dwindling interest in it lately. I’ve attended a few parties over the past six months, and boy, oh boy, was I disappointed with the music and the DJs. Talk about a buzzkill. Maybe I’m just hitting that “getting old” stage, or perhaps the universe is conspiring against my dance music mojo. Nevertheless, my recent experiences, coupled with the ongoing pandemic, have made me realize how irrelevant and superficial the “music scene” can be.

Back in the day, I devoured music like a ravenous beast devouring its prey. I had the energy to listen to countless new tracks and my own music every single day. I was filled with naivety and hope, believing that the entire music landscape would undergo a glorious transformation. I dreamed of new music genres emerging and the “real underground” scene thriving. But alas, after all these years, I’ve come to see that the so-called “real underground” is nothing more than a group of people desperately seeking perpetual highs, living in a state of anesthesia, unwilling to face reality (some even have the audacity to call themselves “punks”… it’s comical). They use music as a mere backdrop, an excuse to avoid life’s challenges. But let me tell you, my friends, that lifestyle is neither healthy nor sustainable if you value your sanity.

Time has taught me that there are things in life we simply can’t change, no matter how hard we try. Sometimes, you just have to accept things as they are or walk away. No amount of effort or persistence can make a dent in the unyielding wall of resistance. And let me tell you, it’s not worth draining your energy and ending up frustrated.

Now, let’s circle back to music. I’ve actually been busy producing tracks over the past six months and revisiting some unfinished projects. However, I’ve consciously dialed back the time I invest in this “hobby” of mine. I refuse to let it morph into a dreaded “work” situation. But let me tell you, in today’s fast-paced world, where videos longer than 10 seconds are treated like ancient relics, and you’re bombarded with an avalanche of information, news, messages, notifications, and other mind-numbing nonsense every single day, everything takes longer. It’s like you either keep up or you’re deemed irrelevant.

Now, here’s a little twist for youβ€”I’m actually grateful for COVID, not because of the tragic loss of life it has caused, but because it has opened my eyes to the senselessness of the “daily life” forced upon us by European society. It’s all about mindless consumption and disposable thrills. Material possessions reign supreme, and if you don’t have an impressive story to share every week, you’re deemed either depressed or simply weird. And let’s not even get started on the bewildering looks you receive when you choose not to spend your evenings drowning in alcohol and overpriced food at bars and cafes. It’s like we’re speaking different languages!

Oh, and before I forget, let’s talk about AI and the near future. Did you know there are already software programs out there that can generate music based on a written sentence? Yup, pretty mind-blowing stuff. Soon enough, we’ll have software where you can just say, “Make me a banging Techno track at 135 bpm,” and it’ll analyze, process, and spit out the perfect banger. It’s like magic, right? But here’s the rubβ€”I genuinely believe that artists, especially those not rolling in dough, will face challenging times ahead. People won’t care whether a piece of music was crafted by a human or an AI. Who’s to say how many artists are secretly employing AI behind the scenes? Can you trust that an artist creates everything from scratch? Does it even matter if a track was AI-generated or not, or is it solely relevant that the person behind it is famous and the track slaps?

In any case, rest assured, more music will come, though I can’t provide you with an exact timetable. Perhaps it’ll strike when the weather takes a turn for the worse. Or maybe it’ll happen when I’m utterly bored of playing video games. Who knows? It might even emerge when I rediscover that elusive motivation to create music again.

Right now, I feel a bit like I’m stuck in the “I must continue making music because I started this journey eons ago, and I can’t hit the brakes and call it quits” mindset. But deep down, I know that I truly enjoy making music sporadically, not as a daily chore.

Isn’t it funny (or coincidental, if you will) that I stumbled upon an article today about Laurent Garnier “slowing down”? Life sure has a way of nudging us in certain directions, doesn’t it? πŸ˜… Check out the article here: https://ra.co/features/4212

So, my dear friends, I genuinely hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Take care, stay amazing, and keep rocking! πŸ˜ƒ

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