Electronic music producer (and sometimes Dj) based in Munich


In a World where everything is about or because of money, greed and power… I try to follow my principles keeping me away from those things.

I believe in the invisible power of the sound.

In the possibility of expressing indescribable feelings through music.

In the magic of rhythms and melodies.

In enjoying electronic music without having to do drugs.

In the short life of fashions and styles.

In the self-learning.

In the power of the mother nature.

I want to inspire other persons.

I want to disconnect from the reality.

I don’t follow trends.

I want to make people think, wonder about life.

I don’t copy or try “to be like others” on my productions.

I want to create and define sounds by myself, without using Samples Libraries, in a kind of artisan way, with what I learned and what I’m learning.

I want to make people dance and enjoy the moment, if possible.

The only shortcuts which I’ll take are the ones by hiking.

I do not believe in this society, nor in this capitalist system, nor in politics.

I don’t believe in Humans, the cancer of the earth (all in contact with humans become rotten, destroyed, or corrupted). I only trust a few of them and sometimes myself.

I’ll avoid using Social Networks where the users are scammed with algorithms and where the “pay to be seen” is the only way.

I don’t believe in the “Music Industry” as a platform for supporting and inspiring artist/musicians.

I don’t believe the Hype.

I don’t believe in those artists with success, who take advantage of their rich parents.

I don’t copy or try “to be like others” on my productions.

The only dick and ass which I will kiss are the ones from my boyfriend.

© 2021 iZueL_

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