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iZueL_ – XVI (Kill your children) [RELEASE]

Hello hello

After a long time, I’ve finished a new Track.

I made live recordings, which I later used to produce this Track. In this one, I used sounds recorded by a friend of mine who has a punk band. One day I just went into the rehearsal space from his band, and I just asked him to play the drums.

The recording process was funny and exciting, as he had no idea what I needed or wanted to record. I think we spent around 3 hours just chatting, recording and laughing. It was a pleasant experience.

I was a little sceptical about my eight years old 30€ Tascam microphone, but after checking the sounds on my PC, I was surprised for good. With some audio processing, I could create exciting textures and percussions.

The topic I’ve chosen for this release sounds a little macabre, but you should see it from an ironic and humorous point of view.

Scientists are alerting us about how the earth is going to hell for human beings, and people do not just ignore them, but they keep stepping on the gas pedal of their lives which negatively affects the climate. People around me started having children as if we lived in a perfect world with a beautiful and pleasant future. If there is something dreadful about what I can think nowadays, it is to bring new life into this world without asking them for it.

I will not be surprised if in the following years there is a revelation (or even terrorist groups) driven by young people who care about their future and want to fight their egoists and stupid progenitors.

I remembered some time ago, I read a paper analyzing how much “pollution” generates having new children, which was crazy.

And that’s why I thought we should kill our children if we want to save the planet.

I hope you are healthy, safe and not too negative.

If you are too negative, try to take it with humour.

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