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iZueL_ – XV (No Future) [RELEASE]

After a long time thinking about if releasing the Track or not, here we are.



I’ve been thinking about the “end” of the COVID pandemic and what will come next in our lives. I was with hoped to see that people realized how slowing down their capitalist way of life was not so bad and could help a lot to improve the environment as we know. What I’ve witnessed is the opposite. People are making all their holiday trips they couldn’t do during the lockdowns or buying more things they don’t need because the last year was “bad enough”.

Meanwhile, I see how the climate is going crazy, with heat wave after heat wave in Europe. The UK drying out, and Spain burning out. In India, I know over work colleagues were not much better some months ago.

People like my father will say, “this is a cycle” or “there were droughts also when I was a child”, ignoring what scientists have been telling us for years.

I’m not an economist expert, but having a system based on infinite growth using finite resources, doesn’t sound well.

Going to a grocery shop in Europe is around 30% more expensive than one year ago. The salaries stay the same.

It feels like we are running as a society or human beings against the wall as fast as we can. I know not many people who see the wall or the situation as I do. When you often discuss or speak about the dark future coming to us, people try to switch to other more “beautiful” topics, like how many likes they got in their last picture/video on Instagram.

I started this Track some months ago during the holidays, in the middle of nowhere, in the mountains with not much as the person I love and my Laptop, Headphones and some books. Having almost nothing, I felt happier than ever.

  • I did not miss the internet.
  • I did not miss social interaction with other people.
  • I did not miss playing on the PC.
  • I did not miss going out or having a party.
  • I did not miss any 1st world luxury.

Even in this “positive” mood, this Track popped out. I wonder from where, as I was not in a negative thinking mood at all.

Maybe I was feeling well because of living the moment with myself and the person I love, but my subconscious mind was working in the background, perhaps wondering where we are walking into.

In the past years, I could not imagine/visualize a future from a personal point of view.

Nowadays, I cannot imagine/visualize a future from a human being’s point of view, at least not in the short term. The more I think about it, the worse I feel about this society.


EDIT: I’m sorry if the post sounds too negative.


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