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Live Dj Sets

Because nowadays (at least in Munich) Djing is only about being the friend of the club bookers or doing so many after-hours and Drugs as possible, I know that I have actually no chance.

  • It doesn’t matter if you cannot do beatmatching.
  • It doesn’t matter if your Track selection is exactly the same as “Ben Cock”.
  • It doesn’t matter if you experience behind the turntables is close to zero.

Therefore I decided time ago to record myself playing the records which I love and which I thought should be played. That’s why I always publish the Tracklists, even on the videos.

Why I record myself on Video? because I want to show to the people that there is no Scam (prerecorded Sets, Ableton “Vinyl” Sets, Sync abuse,…) behind me.

Here you can find the result,

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