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Happy new Year 2023

Happy new year 2023!!

I hope you ended 2022 as fine as me. Last year has been for me a consolidation of how what I want in life. 

One of the highlights last year was again Parallel and the camper trip I made with my boyfriend from Barcelona to Bilbao. I could show my homeland and the Pyrenees, where I spent almost all of my youth and where I grew up.

The new location of the Parallel was just excellent, even higher than in previous years. The weather was perfect, and meeting again after so many years with all my friends (and family) was incredible. 

The closing set from Dj Nobu was a special one. I remember getting wet eyes during such a beautiful and incredible Dj set. I can confirm that it was the most beautiful one I could witness in 35 years. You looked around and saw happiness, love, community and pure natureβ€”the perfect environment for that experience. You can only experience these things in person at the moment. Nobody wanted that the Dj set came to an end, but as with all in this life, it ended, and I am happy that the set is not online. I will keep it in my memory forever if I can.

That Parallel experience made me move even far away from clubbing. I felt no longer interested in going into a closed space with loud music and darkness. 

Apart from that, my last clubbing experiences were mediocre from a musical point of view. Making lineups guided by social media and not personal research is not working well. 

It seems to be that Djs are being booked by how good their agencies are at “hacking” social media algorithms and not because of their skills anymore. Apart from that, seeing, again and again, the same names in the lineups and witnessing how “friends of friends of friends” make it to play in a club… demotivates a lot (at least to me).

I find it interesting how everyone I speak to about social media algorithms seems to be aware of it but just accepting it as if there would not be any choice.

The Internet is dying due to this social media. Nowadays, nobody searches for music or Djs on search engines. They still think they are “discovering” new things by scrolling through their social media walls. But it is a huge mistake, I guess. Much information gets lost or deleted on social media, as it is almost impossible to search for old events or facts. It is tough, for example, to find old music releases or even lineups of past events/festivals, which I find sad.

But it is as it is because people seem to accept it. We have what we deserve, I would say.

It is similar to all related to climate change. Everyone is witnessing how the weather is getting crazy, but nobody seems willing to change their behaviours. If some climate activists do some action, people complain about the side effects of their actions, like generating traffic jams here in Germany. I guess these people would prefer if those climate activists went far away to complain so that nobody could receive their message.

Demonstrations are taking place in the streets for a reason. But I guess nowadays, people already forget why others protest in such a way.

I witnessed laughs and incomprehension when I said to familiars and friends that I didn’t want to fly to Spain during Christmas because I’d already flown twice this year. The funniest thing is that many of those people have children. Those who should care the most (from my point of view) about climate change and its effects in the near future.

On another note, last year, I disposed myself of that “goal-oriented” personality, which never had enough to finish or not enough new things to do. Now staying at home reading a book, playing PC, or just with my boyfriend is “good enough”. I don’t feel bad anymore about “not doing anything” during the weekend. I don’t feel uncomfortable if I don’t attend a party because I don’t feel like wanting to party.

I think people should learn to do nothing. When I say I have two weeks of holidays and no plans, people react with “whaaaat?!?!?!”.

For one month, I have two new family members at my flat, which I’ve adopted from Madrid:

I’m still learning a lot from these two Messieurs, but I can say that taking this huge responsibility is doing well for me.

It is an exciting experience when you cannot communicate one to one with these creatures. It teaches me again to accept that we cannot change everyone and that we sometimes have to take things as they are.

About producing music… I’m not feeling motivated anymore. I try to force myself to look into old projects sometimes, but I usually give up after around 20-30 minutes. I feel like, “why I’m struggling whit this? For which reason?”. I need to focus back and reconfirm that if I want to produce music, it has to be to myself. Or maybe trying to get a kind of routine could help. It is something about I don’t want to stress myself too much, but which I don’t want to descope.

So, I think I wrote about everything I wanted to write πŸ˜… and I just wanted to wish you a healthy and excellent start for 2023 and to remind you, again, that not everything has to be planned or to have a “sense”. Material things are just temporal. That Drugs will not solve your problems if you don’t take action. And that it is totally “ok” to do nothing.

We feel wrong about things from the past, and we worry too much about the future, but we forget about the “right here, right now”.

I guess the secret of life is to live πŸ˜‰

PS. Sorry for the colossal entry…

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