Complaints book 📕

I just wanted to write this entry on my Website to ask you to contact me if you find that some of the content in this site is private or not right. The same for if you feel you personally injured/attacked/damaged by some of my posts, comments or mentions which you could consider wrong or lie.

Just contact me and I’ll consider your request. I’m always open to discuss.

We all make mistakes, even me.


Thank you for your understanding ❤️

Numbers EP – Free Download Codes 🎅🔫

Because I don’t like Christmas at all and because almost nobody purchased my first released EP from 2016 (thank you Boris 😘), here you can find 200 free download codes:

Numbers EP Cover

You can redeem them here,

Feel free to share 👀

All Tracks are mastered by ALHEK Mastering, Berlin.

Here you can listen to them and watch the videos I made inspired by Luis Buñuel.

Enjoy your holidays (if you have), and keep buying things which nobody really needs 🎁.

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