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YouTube Live Sessions & Bitwig 🎚

I’ve started to record myself (my desktop) during my producing music sessions. With these live sessions, I want to help newcomers and old producers who maybe are on a creativity blackout.

I’m not a professional, and therefore I’m not doing this to tell you how to produce. I just wanna show how I do it, and maybe you can take some “tricks” or ideas from them. Sometimes the session ends in nothing, sometimes it changes to a totally different end and sometimes I almost finish a Track idea. Everything is possible.

I want to clarify some points,

-My YouTube channel is demonetized. That means, you will not get any publicity Spam and I’m not making money with this.
-Bitwig is not paying me for doing this. I just choose Bitwig as main DAW because after several years it is the one which better fit me and my necessities.
-These sessions are not made to show you “how to produce”.

You can find the Playlist here,

Every 6 or 5 days I’ll remove old sessions from the Playlist, leaving only the most recent ones.

If you don’t want to miss any session, I would suggest you to subscribe to the YouTube channel.

I hope these videos maybe help some of you. If not, you can see that there is no “scam” behind my productions and I work as I already described.

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