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Moving from YouTube to Twitch

I don’t really know if some of you were following me on my live streamings when producing my Tracks. But if it is the case, I want to inform you that I’ll do it in Twitch in the future.


Because of the political changes in YouTube, all channels have “Spam”, aka Publicity, even when you don’t want to get any money from YouTube like it was my case.

Twitch is free, and the “Spam” is just a setting that I have disabled. So no money and nobody gets annoyed with bullshit. Win-Win

Here you can see my last Streams and follow me πŸ€—

I don’t hope to earn any money doing streams, as I do when producing music πŸ˜… but maybe you find something useful or inspirational. Who knows πŸ€·β€β™‚

I hope to see you in the live streaming someday πŸ˜‰ I normally do the streams whenever I want, so you will need to get “lucky”.

Anyway, all Streamings are recorded and will be in the channel available for one week. ☺️

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