That day when I got a gig because of an Instagram BOT 🤔

Beginning of this year, wondering about the massive use of Bots on Instagram, I started searching for some information.

I discovered that I could program one of those Instagram Bots on my Raspberry Pi, quite easily.

After 30 Minutes it was running and liking all those specified Hashtags which I wrote on the config file.

#Techno #berghain #Rave #TechnoRave #BerghainTechno……      


The funny detail is that you can also “ban” which Hashtags you don’t want to like, like #EDM or #TomorrowLand (yes, there are Instagram Posts with #berghain and #TomorrowLand together).

After a few months of having it running 24/7, my Instagram account grew from 600 Followers to close to 1500, without spending a fucking cent.

I found it a funny way of boycotting Instagram, throwing more shit on that already rooted social network.

I never thought using that bot for getting Gigs or to reach people, but it happened.      


One day I got an email from a Mode brand asking me for djing in one of their parties. I had never heard about them before. I started investigating who they were and how the fuck did they found me. Curiously, this brand was one of those which almost all Instagram addicted teenies know about. They run “Berghain-like” parties but for hetero people, using an event on the Berghain Cantine like promotion. Because this reason it made me write them three times back asking if they were sure who I was and what I play.

They insisted and I accepted.      


This was the main reason for deleting my Instagram account. I did not want to be a part of that.

A lot of people are using this kind of cheats to scam people on social media and became famous, which was never my intention. So be careful about those like, comment and follow you because it could be done by a programmed Bot.

I’m still using the bot for two non-artist Instagram accounts. You can find the Bot here,

(there are for sure a lot of new ones…)

Maybe someday the 50% of the Instagram users will be Bots, and when people realize about it… maybe they stop wasting their time with such a shit.

It is and will be my Instagram boycott.      


I’m also thankful to this Bot because I learnt a little of Python programming language. Even fixing some Bugs 😅

I have nothing against that Mode Brand and the party was much better than I expected and they were really serious and professional people. They were also really happy with my Dj Set. I’m trying to get the Photos of the party writing them for 6 months via Email. No reply yet. Maybe I have to create an Instagram account and contact them over there. Or maybe I’ll never receive the Photos 🙃

And don’t forget to be aware of the social media scam 😉


It is hard (or impossible) to be a Dj without being on the social media licking asses and without doing drugs weekend after weekend with bookers or booker friends. But this is what I am.

Christmas ignorance 🤔

​​During this Christmas at in hometown, we were watching TV during breakfast. At some moment on the news, they showed the work of the NGO saving lifes on the Mediterranean sea. (MSF Aquarius)

Suddenly my parents started to shout out to the TV, calling those NGO members “Assholes” “Delinquents” “Gangster”, between others insults. I just could not believe what I was witnessing.

I asked them why they were telling it. They said that the NGO was making money and scamming those immigrants, which they actually saved from the dead.

Then I asked for facts or proves of it. Both did not answer me, and my father even started to tell me how a girl in my hometown was stolen while she was drunk, sitting and puking on a bank. I asked my father how he knows she was stolen by an immigrant. No answer again and tons of “… but…” changing to other topics, where they could neither prove it. Then my father starts speaking about a Romanian mafia group which was stealing in the village of my mum. Funny fact that he forgot about that Romanians did not come over the Mediterranean sea.

When they have no more things to answer they always “scape” with an “it’s enough, I don’t want to discuss anymore”.

“A friend of the daughter of the sister of XXXXX told me that an immigrant….”

“They are breaking up inside the flats and stealing all. A friend of a neighbour was stolen last month”.

“Hey, really, I’m not racist, but…”

These people should be a kind of wizards to know that immigrants are doing those crimes, and not spanish people. Noone of my parents could prove me those crimes with an official newspaper article or source.

We have to thank WhatsApp and Facebook because of this, where spanish nazis are free to spread fake news and scare the people, at the same time generating that hate against immigrants.

I have to say that my parents have never met personally an immigrant. Even though they told me that the situation is now out of control, because of those immigrants. I just had to laugh and ask again for concrete cases which they never have.

Because of this, more than ever, donate those NGO and try to open the eyes of those ignorant people full of hate.

Spread love instead of hate, and don’t forget that we’re all humans, made of the same shit.

Munich Club Scene 🤔

I have received this email and I just could not believe it…

This year, again, Blitz is booking Len Faki for the 24th.

What made me even angrier, is this line:

Sorry Blitz, but I find it just insulting. Independently the reasons behind this action.

Having Len Faki for the 24th December was a tradition for the club Rote Sonne, since 2012 till last year, when Blitz booked (took) him. Already knowing about it.

I’m not lying and here you can see it,

This is a small example of the “good vibes” which you will find in the small Munich clubbing scene, where backstabbing neighbors or even friends seems to be the rule. The objective? The $ of course.

But not my rule.

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