iZueL_ – II (como ovejas)

This release is an explicit criticism of the global situation which I’m witnessing during these weeks in the World and more in concrete, in Europe (Germany).

I see that it would be the perfect soundtrack of all this shit. Maybe it was a coincidence, or maybe I’m Nostradamus, but I produced this Track some weeks ago.

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If you already think “oh, here we go again with the COVID-19?“, you can stop reading further. Don’t waste your precious time.

If you want to continue, please take at least 5 minutes to read the whole text. Thank you <3

I want to split this criticism about two different objects: The society and the politicians.

But before starting with the criticism, I want to say thank you to the heroes in all this thing.

  • Thank you to all the nurses and doctors who are risking their lives to save the life of others.
  • Thank you to all the people working on logistics, provisioning with essential good our lives.
  • Thank you to all the supermarket’s cashiers, who also risk their lives so that we can buy food.
  • Thank you to all those scientists, who were warning our inept politicians and who are investigating to find a vaccine.
  • And this time, just as an exception, thank you to the law enforcement for their work forcing stupid assholes to stay at home.



Last words

How can we help?


I’ve never had too much hope in this society after 32 years having to live “in” it, but after these weeks I have even less.

When I speak about society, I talk about it in a general way, not about a particular group of people. I know that there are exceptions out there, somewhere. So you don’t have to take this on a personal level. 

The first point would be how ignorant (or stupid) you should be to prioritize your “1st world daily luxuries” over the lives of other persons. If staying for two weeks at home can save lives, why not to do it? Which necessity do you have for going into a restaurant, or into a bar? Why do you have to meet your group of friends putting in risk the lives of many others? It is so fucking hard to stay at home nowadays? You have an internet connection, and you are connected with the World every second, having thousands of options for entertainment… therefore, why? 

What the hell does the majority of this society don’t understand? How could it be so egocentric? So selfish? 

Does has more value your leisure time than the life of another person?

What is so difficult to see or understand? Do we need to explain it with a three seconds video on an Instagram Story?

Then I had to read, even from a friend of mine, that only older people have problems with the COVID-19. Like “don’t be afraid, we are not going to die”.

  • First, that’s not true because there are also cases of younger people in the ICU or even dying (more info
  • Second, how can you be so egocentric? Don’t you have older members in your family? Is the life of an older person less valuable than one of a younger person?
  • The problem, apart from older people dying, is that if the Hospitals can be overflowed. Then there is no more space to attend other cases, like appendicitis, a heart attack or a car accident. Then the doctors have to choose whom to save. Germany, for example, has eight beds for every 1000 persons (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_OECD_countries_by_hospital_beds).
    Let’s calculate that from the 1000 persons, only 600 get infected. From that 600, only 10% require a hospital bed. There we have 60 persons for 8 beds.

Then the panic starts and all people run into the supermarkets to buy all that they don’t need, without thinking about the risk that they are generating. Things get even worse.


I don’t know how to start, but I find it incredible how they prioritize economics over people’s lives. Why I’m telling this? Speaking from Germany in concrete, I cannot believe that they just not were aware of what was happening in Italy and Spain. They had two clear examples of how not to act. Even seeing what was coming, they decide to wait until it is too late. 

They dispose of the best experts about virology who were warning about this. Still, they got ignored as no measure has been taken yet. In Munich till this last Monday 16/03/2020, bars, restaurants, zoo, cinemas and public swimming pools are open as usual. I was aware of what was going on in Spain due to family and friends. Still, even whiteout that, just checking the news, you can see what was happening already in Italy two weeks ago. Not to mention China.

Why are the politicians delaying to take actions to long? The only reason I can find is because of money. 

If they put in standby the country, it will generate loses. 

Now they are slowly here in Germany taking actions, even when the number of people infected (2020/03/16) is not so far away from Spain:

I could think about it, but I never imagined that they would put the economy before human lives.

Last Words

This Track was named “como ovejas”, which means “like sheeps”, and I think it passes perfectly to the actual situation.

In one side, I see how people are risking their lives to save the other ones. I’ve seen how in my building people is offering help to old people for going shopping.

But on the other hand, it makes me really sad to see that people only react with restrictive measures. How politicians set money before humans, like junkies searching for a dose of power.

Someone from above has to tell us strictly what we have to do?

I don’t think so.

How can we help?

There are many ways to help, here you can find some of them:

  • Donating your PC background to researches and clinicians(more info here)
  • Offering your help to old people shopping for groceries & food.
  • Staying at home
  • Not spreading bullshit news over your social media/Whatsapp
  • Not buying more food/groceries than you normally need.
  • Donating to the club scene (more info here)

And remember, #staythefuckhome

I’ve also added a 95% discount code for Bandcamp “staythefuckhome”

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