iZueL_ – VIII (When a Capybara’s UFO flies through a nebula) [RELEASE]

C:\DRIVE\STUDIO_MUSIK\PROJECTS\ONEDAY_ONETRACK\iZueL_ - VIII (When a Capybara's UFO flies through a nebula) 1

It’s a long time since my last release… but in the last months I’ve been making music again, and there are some good results. This Techno production is one of them 🙃

The message here? We should not always be so serious. That’s the reason for the name. And also for dedicating this production to one of my best friends and a vital person for me, Claudia.
The Track itself is kinda atmospheric and not so rushing like other of my productions. I just tried to shape different sounds in a way it sounds spacial and interesting, without being too obious.
I’ve seen myself many times during my life taking some things way too serious. That was never a good approach. I’m not saying that we should not take anything seriously, but I think the best approach is to find the balance between craziness and seriousness. As always in life, abusing of one thing is never a good idea.
For this Track, I worked more processing sounds in Bitwig than using hardware. Some of the most interesting sounds are a combination of different filters and LFO’s with different automatizations. To achieve this, Bitwig is a paradise. The main sounds are being generated “rubbing” some old recordings I made with my Smartphone or with a shitty microphone I have.
All arranged and processed in Bitwig.
Maybe you’ll enjoy it 😉

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