This coming weekend it will take place DigitalAnalog 2020. This time it will be on Stream (live).

It will be these weekend (16/10/2020 & 17/10/2020), and the streaming will go both days from 19:30 till 01:00 CEST

I want to share this event with you because I’ve been attending it since several years (2013-2014?) and always come back home with a good feeling because having discovered something good. There are many different bands and Djs performing, from very different styles, and I love that mixture. I also find nice that they every year put a stand with some modular racks where the people can freely experiment and play with them.

Because this time it will be online, you will be able to see it live from home πŸ˜ƒ

I can only recommend Dafalgan, who is a great artist and a good friend.

But for sure there will be some other act which will surprise me in a good way, let’s see!

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