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iZueL_ – VII (Never trust your brain) [RELEASE]

I’m more than proud to be able to present you my new release and video:

(the video is also on YouTube, but as I already mentioned, I totally dislike the direction is taking imitating Instagram. Is slowly becoming a social media instead of a Video platform. The manipulation being made by their algorithms doesn’t help much either. Click baiting is the rule. Therefore I’ll not include the YouTube link)

If there is something I’ve learnt during this 33 years of life (or 32? 🤔) is that I should never trust my brain the 100% of the time. Is an excellent guide, but many times it oversees or transforms many things. Other times it starts creating a feedbacks of negative thoughts. It also has emotional blind spots. I have ever witnessed how my brain fell into traps created by myself. There are other positive things related to our brain though.
What I want to say with this release is that our brain is a part of ourselves, but we are not just 100% our brain. We should not overestimate it or take all for granted, in relation to our thoughts.

Video production

For the video, I created a 3D grid using Blender, which I animated in Blender too. The main problem here was the rendering times because of my mistake for creating the whole scene in a proportion. The entire scene would be on a scale be similar to 20km instead of 20cm, which generated too many pixels to render. Because it took to me around 2 Weeks to do the smooth camera movements, I decided not to resize the whole scene. Resizing the scene would mean that the camera is out of focus and I have to start from zero again. That would not be really enjoyable 😅. So for rendering around 5 minutes Video, it took about 4 hours.
Once I had the 3D grid rendered and moving, I processed this video on XXXXXXX for creating some Audio reactive effects. Once that process was finished, I made the last render and arrangement on YYYYYYYY, adding the “film noise” to the whole clip and adding the final audio. (XXXXXXX and YYYYYYYY are two software tools from Adobe which I don’t want to mention)

Music production

About the production of the track, I’ve used the MBase11 for the Kicks and the NordDrum2 for the rest of the percussions. The bassline in the background was created using the Triode.
The atmospheric pad is just some notes played using the Streichfett but processed through multiple effects like reverbs, delays and filters. At the end of this FX Chain, I set up seven different layers wich different effects (long delays with feedbacks, distortions, reverbs, filters,…). They run in parallel and I control and modify each of them manually during the course of the track. That gives a feeling of evolving and morphing the whole time.
All arranged and processed in Bitwig.
I hope you enjoy it and as always feel free to share and play it loud <3

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