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iZueL_ – VI (Heaven is a place in your head) [RELEASE]

Some years ago I read a book by David Wojnarowicz, and there was a phrase which I’ll never forget:

“Hell is a Place on Earth; Heaven is a Place in Your Head”

That phrase came quite often into my head and I was normally questioning it, till I watched the serie “The Midnight Gospel” (I really recommend to watch it if you have time).

If you don’t know who is David Wojnarowicz, you can check it here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Wojnarowicz

Reviewing old Tracks, I found this one which gave me some special feelings because of its vibes, but which I did not totally like how it was done, so I decided to remake it from zero. I think the last result now represents that phrase quite good.

The Track has been mainly produced using the M-Base11 and the DFAM, together with the NordDrum2. I’m not 100% sure if some of the synth sounds were made using the Streichfett, but I don’t think so.

As all my releases now, this has also no price. I’ve decided to put all my releases without a price on Bandcamp because money should not be a hindrance for art. Anyway I’m always happy to get your feedback, which is free too 😜 and if you like “a lot” or you are rich, donations are welcome 🤑

Feel free to share in your worst social media and thank you for your support <3

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