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Traveler.7 [RELEASE]

Longer than one year ago my boyfriend sent me a Video suggesting me to do a “Traveler” Track for it, but I almost forgot about it. Back on those days, I started working on a Track which I never finished… but I don’t know why, that Video came again into my mind, so I decided to retake and remake it. It is incredible how much we can learn in one year πŸ˜….

The Video was recorded in Copenhagen (2019-04-04).

For the Kicks and percussions, I used the NordDrum2. The background synths are made using some bells from the NordDrum2 and processing them with some FXs. The main melody is made using “PolyGrid“, a modular instrument from Bitwig. That synth is made using two oscillators (sine wave & swarm wave) which modify their waveform dynamically along the whole track. Those two oscilators are processed using some chain filters which I control manually and end up on two delay devices (Echoboy & PrimalTap).

I hope you enjoy it and feel free to share <3.

Take care.

You can find more releases from the Traveler Series here

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