iZueL_ – Da igual ๐Ÿš€

In a world where nothing seems to matters but money. Where people try to be better than the others because of pride, prepotency or cockiness. Where if you don’t have success or if you don’t follow the social rules, you’re out. You neither exists. You are dead.

Instead of enraging myself every time I think of this, every time somebody remembers this to me, I say to myself “da igual”. I find it as a kind of mindset for myself for not being in a bad mood the whole time โ€” a sort of mental auto help.

  • When everyone goes faster, I go slower.
  • When everyone stands up, I sit down.
  • When everyone departs, I come back.
  • When everyone says “yes”, I ask “why?”.

Keeping walking, even not knowing where I’m going. No destination on the horizon, but the direction is clear.


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Kick & Bassline: MBase 11

Melody & HH: NordDrum2

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