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I know, none of you were asking for this. Anyway, I want to share it just once.

As you already know, I have no presence on Social Media for almost two years, but why?

Two years ago, I started to realise how toxic was beginning to be for me that “social media”. With toxic I mean time-wasting and negative mood influence to myself. I also started to see how people around me were spending hours and hours, just scrolling through the screens of their smartphones.

The social media is nowadays very similar to the old TV.

First, I want to say that I have nothing against what people do, so long it doesn’t affect negatively other persons or me. Therefore I was not telling everyone “hey mate, stop doing that stupid thing using social media!“. I never said that to anyone.

On the public transport in Munich, it is almost impossible to see someone without looking at their smartphone and scrolling, again and again. Scrolling expecting to see something funny or somehow useful or interesting.

Similar to swimming in a sea of dung trying to find a jewel.

I know that being an electronic music producer and a quasi-Dj, it would make everything much easier if I were using social media, as everyone is doing. Why would it be much easier? Let me explain it with one example:

      1. Lets imagine that I have an Instagram account with almost 2k followers. 2k Followers after posting things with hashtags like #berghain or #Techno, so that more people like and share my posts.
      2. Then I have a new Release or Track which I want to share with the people. I wonder how to do that.
      3. I decide to use following video with fancy hastags like #berghain #Techno #Berlin #TechnoFamily #Rave … and so on.
      4. This is the video which I choose, having nothing to do with my track, but catching people attention (hey! look! a cookie!)
      5. (let’s imagine that I use this video)

    1. VoilΓ ! People will find it funny and will like it, without even listening to my Track.
    2. Now we start with the chain reaction.
    3. Other people will see that other people liked it, and they will like it too.
    4. Other people will see that other people liked it, and they will like it too.
    5. (…)
    6. Some others realize that I also play Dj sets, and some of them even give me some gigs opportunities. πŸ€‘


    The other option is to do the same but paying to that social media (Facebook/Instagram), so it goes much faster and reaching even more people. I call it $pam 2.0

    So… just with an Instagram account and a stupid Video, I had reached maybe close to 1k people. Some of them will play it, some others will share it, and some others will even buy it. Mission accomplished!!! Everyone is happy, but me.

    I would not be comfortable with that. Why? Because I don’t want to collaborate on how people waste their times. I also don’t want to collaborate on generating more shitty content into the Internet. I will not say to the people what they have to do or what they don’t have to do. But I don’t want to feel guilty of being collaborating on those, from my point of view, bad practices.

    Social media could be defined as the internet’s cancer.

    That’s the reason why I created this site, where people can follow me if they want. I’m not putting the spoon with my food on your mouth, no matter what, like it is happening on social media nowadays. Yes, even if you filter content, you will always see something which you don’t want to see.

    Therefore, more than never, I want also to ask you to share my music with the people you know. To click on “like” on my YouTube videos, if you like them. To save them in your playlists, if you like them. That would help me a lot.

    It is always a good feeling to know and/or see that people are listening to your productions or sets. πŸ˜‰

    Right now I feel kind of blind. I don’t even know if someone will read this post πŸ˜„ , but this will not stop me from keeping making music.

    Thank you for your time πŸ€—β€οΈ I hope you understand it now.

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