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Geométrika FM – We Are One Vol.2 🚀

The time has come for a really special release for me. It is on Geométrika FM, a Techno label from Madrid which is trying to change the world.

Techno to change the world.

Geométrika FM We Are One Vol.2 Cover

The label spends part of the earnings in social activities helping people and children who really need it. The label also does some social events like “vinyl for toys”, You could bring vinyl which would be spent on toys or you could bring toys to get vinyl. All toys were given to a social organization from Madrid.

“In Geométrika FM we believe that Techno should be part of what happens in society, so, honouring our motto “Techno to change the World” we will donate % of the money collected through the label to Social Organizations.”

This is the way how music (Techno in this case) can change the world, for better.

I’m really proud to be a part of them. I almost couldn’t believe it when Rubén Razeed, the label Manager, asked me for a Track.

I met Rubén during Parallel Festival 2017 and it was like meeting an old friend. He was wearing a T-Shirt from the label and his face was familiar to me, so I just spoke to him 😄. We had very interesting conversations and we kept somehow in contact, maybe for seeing us again at the Parallel festival.

Now you can listen to it here, and to others Tracks too,

Feel free to support because that money will be used for a good cause.

Thank you Rubén for this chance 😘 hopefully will not be the only one.

Update: ClubbingSpain is also talking about it here

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