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Sales/Donation Report [May-Aug] 2019 🤑

This time the Sales report and donations from the second quarter from 2019 is close to zero,

Therefore I’ll not do any donation this time.

Since April 2019 till today,


Maybe it is time to quit?

I don’t think so.

Maybe you should not release all your productions…

These are less than 40% of the productions I finish. Selecting only those finished productions which I like.

To mention that I took almost two months of music production break.

Maybe you should send your productions to music labels…

I cannot find any label where my music would fit in. In the last time, I’ve sent around 10 Tracks to some labels, and I’m still waiting for a reply. The other labels where I would like to release are not accepting Demos anymore.

Just for your info, but not as justification, I’ve received 0€ from all the releases I’ve done in other labels, and I think that only a few of them “helped” me to gain visualisation and reach more people.

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