Cruise @ Blitz (2019/06/15) (+Drugs decriminalization πŸ€”) πŸŽ‰

Yesterday I was at the Cruise party in Blitz, and it was really good once again.

Perfect music, for a perfect sound system and with a friendly crowd.

I arrived when Muallem was still playing a quite hard warmup. The best came just after him. Aurora Halal was just perfect. Techno from the future. Elegant, delicate, danceable, hypnotic,… just perfect. It was the first time I saw Aurora playing, and I hope it will not be the last one. Really nice built up, with rising ups, breaks, comedowns, and everything perfectly mixed. Closing with “X-101 – Sonic Destroyer” was just the perfect end. A very special track for me.

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The first time I heard it was at Monegros festival in 2009 when Mulero played it on the main floor and close to 30k people went crazy.

After Aurora, Ellen Alien started, and she left no mercy. A lot of trance classics and a really funny DJ set. She is what I call a real good party DJ.

I came back home dead but with a huge smile and some hope in the future of techno with people like Aurora Halal.


The sad part of the party was witnessing two ambulances and police cars outside of the club. Again the Disinformation played an essential role for people mixing what they shouldn’t.

Here, from my point of view, the main responsible and guiltily of it is the City of Munich and Germany because of its politics about drugs. The second one is the club because of giving no prevention information about drugs for those newcomers.

It is ok to provide condoms to prevent aids, but it’s not ok to give preventional details about drugs. Providing information about drugs is not inciting the people to do drugs, as the condoms are not encouraging the people to have Sex. Usually, the people only research a drug on internet after a bad experience, and that can be too late.

People will do drugs yes or yes, so after years of persecuting drug consume, they should start realizing that it doesn’t work, it doesn’t save lives. Prevention and information do. Hopefully, the decriminalization of drug consume will came somewhen, and with it information to save lives…

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