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iZueL_ – Technokids just wanna have Drogas πŸš€

This release is for all those young people who are starting to go out and “raving”. The last times I went out I was somehow surprised because of seeing so much young people (17-24) high as fuck. It remembered me the Partys from the 90s. Even though I didn’t directly live it, I have been able to gather enough information from stories that people told me along my life. Books and documentation have helped me a lot too.

I also want to mention, that from my point of view, a party in a regular Club will never be a rave πŸ˜‰.

Enjoy what will be the wildest time of your life, but never forget that everything in this life has a consequence.

Don’t let you influence by modes, trends or hypes. Try to stay real to yourself; be authentic.

Don’t force yourself to do things which you don’t like.

Try to think about every decision twice.

If you want to change the system, go to the streets and not to Instagram.

Make the Difference between acquaintances, party friends and people who give a shit about you.

Inform yourself about what you do and what you take.

Avoid to mix and don’t overdo; you only have one brain.

Try never to forget about which value music has.

Feel lucky for being able to live such experiences*.

A revolution will never be in a club but on the streets.

And above all, enjoy.

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(* I mention this because when I was in Cuba (2008), a young guy told me how fortunate we were in Europe. As an example, he said to me that we could take an extasy pill and forget about everything. Then I realised about what we have and what we don’t appreciate.)

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