"Merchandising"?! 🤑 - iZueL_

“Merchandising”?! 🤑

After a long time thinking about how I could provide to the people something more material than my music, I have taken a decision.

I have considered different materials and print formats, but because of costs and not so much self-confidence, I decided to do it this way.

The pictures played a significant role in these productions.

They are matte photos printed on a similar format used by Polaroid.

It is a special limited edition of 10.

You can find them here, https://izuel.bandcamp.com/merch

With every purchase, you will also receive the respective Track.

For the purchases of [Magdeburger Hütte / Amanecer] and [Tribulaun], I’ll provide the original picture (.png or .jpeg) on high resolution (6000×6000 pixel). With this, I’m giving you the possibility to print it as you want.

The delivery method will be via ordinary post. I’ll try to secure the prints as much as possible to avoid any damage.

I’m serious about the limited edition.

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