iZueL_ Live Vinyl Set – 20190106_7354 πŸ”Š

Yesterday I recorded a new Video podcast, following my principles.

I started doing this two years ago because of seeing that I would never be able to play regularly in Clubs in Munich.

Edit 20190109: due to some reactions. I have to remember you to take all not so personally and/or serious.

Why do I record myself?

Because I want to show to the people what I do during my mixes, how I work with the equalizations and beatmatching. How I improvise and react to unexpected situations which you could have in Clubs.

There are people out there uploading “Vinyl Only” sets which are prerecorded using Ableton, for example. I don’t want to scam anyone, and this is the proof. The set is recorded only once. It means, that I don’t record myself 20 times and take the best one. That from my point of view is like lying because the listener never will know about that.

“What a fucking good Dj!! he just make always perfect Sets!!”

Why I’m not in the video?

Because that is not a fair play from my point of view. Some people use some tricks to attract more people, like their child or some other physical “qualities”. But not me.

Why you use only timecode Vinyl?

This is a long story but I stopped supporting directly new Vinyl releases. I still buy old uses Vinyl, but no new ones. More information can be found here if you have time http://www.bennjordan.com/blog/?p=697

Maybe someday I decide to record a set playing naked… but until then I still believe that the people like my podcasts because of the music and not because how I look like. Sorry, but I consider it unfair… and who should care about how I look like?

This last Video podcast is available online on YouTube and Mixcloud, recorded using only music purchased on Bandcamp on high definition FLAC format.

Thank you for watching πŸ˜‰ and feel free to share

If you want to download the Set on mp3 320kbps for listening to it later, you can find it here https://www.bit.ly/iZueL_Dj

The complete Tracklist πŸ“

Carmel – Georgia [Lobster Theremin] 00:01:13
Quiem – Scent 00:04:20
Wa Wu We – We Float 00:09:54
Tracing Xircles – Lost Illusions [BLUEHOUR008] 00:13:46
Telpor Nexus – Skutsvbno 0000 00:19:26
LUCIANO ESSE – The Baloon 00:23:40
Dying & TSOW – Channel B [GOMB07] 00:27:02
Bran Lanen – Be Water, My Friend 00:32:12
WYAD – Dopita [CODEISLAW003] 00:35:17
RΓΈtter – Agorafobia 00:38:16
Narciss – Dagon [DRVMS010] 00:41:30
Shanti Celeste – Hinoki (DKMNTL-10YEARS02) 00:45:47
Blue Hour – Flow State (Ben Sims Remix) [BLUEHOURMX003] 00:48:34
Julixo – Raw Operator [GOMB13] 00:51:11
Sonar Pulsar – They Will Break Us 00:54:37
Alice Deejay – Better Off Alone 01:00:20

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