Those who fell πŸš€

Some weeks ago I finished reading the book “Lo que mueve el mundo“ from Kirmen Uribe. The author writes a novel between reality and fiction. That book made me realize about those persons from the past, who fought for the freedom and the rights which we have nowadays. Around the middle of the novel, the … Read More

That day when I got a gig because of an Instagram BOT πŸ€”

Beginning of this year, wondering about the massive use of Bots on Instagram, I started searching for some information. I discovered that I could program one of those Instagram Bots on my Raspberry Pi, quite easily. After 30 Minutes it was running and liking all those specified Hashtags which I wrote on the config file. … Read More

Christmas ignorance πŸ€”

​​During this Christmas at in hometown, we were watching TV during breakfast. At some moment on the news, they showed the work of the NGO saving lifes on the Mediterranean sea. (MSF Aquarius) Suddenly my parents started to shout out to the TV, calling those NGO members “Assholes” “Delinquents” “Gangster”, between others insults. I just … Read More

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