What about AIS? πŸ€”

AIS is an alias which unexpectedly I was somehow forced to use.

It was my first time producing music for a concrete person, and I never thought it would be possible to do.

I don’t know yet why, and I neither know how yet.

After witnessing some of the most beautiful and deep experiences in my life.

I felt with the need of painting my feelings about them with Sounds. 

Those things which I would never be able to express with words. Neither Spanish, nor English, nor German.

Each Track is a try or “Versuch” of describing my most deep feelings, which I never thought I would have. For this reason, I don’t want to explain or reveal to you what is behind if each composition. It’s really personal and intimate.

In my opinion, I created some of my most beautiful sounds through this alias, with Tracks like “Blue eyes”, “Reencuentro HBF” or “Day Ñ”.

When I listen again to them, I get teary-eyed again.

It is and will be, the Soundtrack of a love story. 

Time ago I was thinking about never making it public, like a small secret. That’s why “Balada para FSS” was during a year only available on my  Bandcamp Site, without any announcement, with the symbolic price of €100.

Now you know a little more about me 😅.

Then and now, thank you FSS (if you read this) for inspiring me in this way 😘 I don’t believe I will ever be able to forget you.

Brekhno Vol.1 πŸš€

In these days when electronic music is getting harder and harder, faster and faster… I can only think “not again, please.” when I remember the end of the 90s and the come back of almost undanceable music, which was ended by minimal.

Overdoing because of trends will always be a huge mistake.

Sadly, it is what gives you cash and/or fame.

I have nothing against “hard” and “fast” sounds, quite the reverse, I love them, but I’ll never be a big fan of trends. Frequently there is something immoral behind them.

Brekhno-vol-1 Cover

Because of this, I’ve tried to take down the BPM on my last productions, and swim against the tide.

With these two Tracks, I’ve also developed a kind of controlled random algorithm for triggering the Kicks. It gives a natural mistake feeling which I really like. Here I have to thank Bitwig again, for being so fucking flexible and for giving me that freedom.

In a funny informal way, I decided to denominate this “Style” as Brekhno.

As usual, both Tracks have been made with sounds generated by me on my small home studio. No SamplePack was harmed. The cover is also designed by me using as base a photo from a Geothermal heat pump.

Here you can listen to them,

Muerte al rey πŸš€

2018 and we continue having useless archaic figures in countries like Spain that continue taking advantage of citizens and reducing freedoms.

That’s why I have decided to release this old Track. It has enough power to “kill the king”.

In these times more than ever,

“Muerte al rey”

Fight for your rights, fight for your freedom.

Track recorded live at once.


PS. The title is just a political statement, not an order or real wish against a concrete person.

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