Cruise & Rohstoff @ Blitz (2019/02/23) πŸŽ‰

Cruise & Rohstoff @ Blitz (2019/02/23) πŸŽ‰

Last weekend I had the pleasure to attend to, so far I know, the first time in Munich where a Club took the risk to offer Ambient music. The guys from Rohstoff would play an ambient set on the small dancefloor. So there I went 🙃 Arriving at around 01:00 AM to the club on … Read More

Munich Club Scene πŸ€”

I have received this email and I just could not believe it… This year, again, Blitz is booking Len Faki for the 24th. What made me even angrier, is this line: Sorry Blitz, but I find it just insulting. Independently the reasons behind this action. Having Len Faki for the 24th December was a tradition … Read More

Ilian Tape Night Pres. 30 Years Of Dj Pete @ Blitz πŸŽ‰

Arriving alone to the club Blitz around 02:00AM, Stenny was just finishing what I saw as a perfect warmup. Beautiful sounds without forgetting about the tempo. Just leaving a good feeling for what was coming. I was happy and and the same time sad, because the club was not so crowded as I expected for … Read More

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