Christmas ignorance 🤔

​​During this Christmas at in hometown, we were watching TV during breakfast. At some moment on the news, they showed the work of the NGO saving lifes on the Mediterranean sea. (MSF Aquarius) Suddenly my parents started to shout out to the TV, calling those NGO members “Assholes” “Delinquents” “Gangster”, between others insults. I just … Read More

Numbers EP – Free Download Codes 🎅🔫

Because I don’t like Christmas at all and because almost nobody purchased my first released EP from 2016 (thank you Boris 😘), here you can find 200 free download codes: Numbers Free download Codes for BandcampDownload You can redeem them here, Feel free to share 👀 All Tracks are mastered by ALHEK Mastering, Berlin. Here … Read More

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