About my alias PEV 🚀

Time ago I thought about creating a Track using only recordings done with my smartphone. Somehow I wanted to move me from my comfort zone and try to do more with less. You always learn something new, even when you fail.

Bring it to the limit

Winter 2017 I flew to my home-town like every year, so I decided to visit some memorable places of my youth and childhood. I just walled around those streets, parks, buildings…. trying to somehow “record” the essence of them. I wanted to keep them captured on Tracks. As a result, five different places for five different Tracks.

It took me longer than I thought to create percussion and melodies from an almost silent audio source. But with the help of thousands of VST FX Plug-ins and the Bitwig Sampler, it was possible.

No Drum-machines. No Synthesizers.

The final result? you can find it here,


Last month I released one new issue called Aquelarre, composed of two Tracks. This time I tried to tell two dark stories. The first about an evil washing machine (the audio source used is from a broken washing machine). The second about the summon of diabolic creatures (the audio source used is from a recording in a Christian mass). You can find both here,

What does PEV stand for? I will keep it for myself as a secret 😉

Inferno Statements [AwkwardAches Records] 🚀


I will part of a compilation to help the damages caused by the Mendocino Complex wildfires from last summer. It will be on Awkward Aches Records

Here you can find the previews

The Traveler 🚀

I recorded some time ago Videos with my Smartphone while driving with the train to my hometown in Spain.

I wanted to capture those moments for the future, for myself. After watching to the videos I realized that something was missing. Yes, the sound recorded with the Smartphone was shit 💩

That’s why I started to produce some timeless moving melodies with hypnotic marching percussion. All had to be recorded and produced with what I have in my small home studio.

What is the result? the result is the beginning of a musical videos Series. Videos recorded by me where I just lose my mind looking to the hypnotic movement through a window.

The last addition to this series is Traveler.3, recorded last week at Königsee. A funny fact is that the trumpet on the background is a live recording done by FSS directly on the boat.

You can find the Audios on my Bandcamp page too.


I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do ☺️


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