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Tbilisi & LGBT+ 🏳️‍🌈

This week in Tbilisi (Georgia), there was an attack from the right (called “far-right”) to the LGTB+ activist office. It was exactly on the same day when the Pride march would have taken place.


Because of this, politicians from Georgia have suggested cancelling what would be their 1st Pride march.

Condemning these acts of violence and hate seems not to be an option for the Georgian’s politicians.

Because of this, LGBT+ activists have started to recollect money to repair the damage caused by these “far-right” assholes and also to provide safety to its members.

You can just send money to the PayPal account tbilisipride@gmail.com or do it over their website tbilisipride.ge

There is even a documentary about this situation of attacks to the LGTB+ people in Georgia named MARCH FOR DIGNITY. I wanted to attend this week to one screening in Munich, but there were already no free seats 😢

Sometimes is for me hard to believe that we are in the year 2021 when I see these kinds of acts.

I’ve never seen an LGTB+ member punching a priest in the face or burning/destroying offices from right parties people. But I’ve seen the opposite way too often…

Let’s fight so that Tbilisi and its Georgian people can celebrate their Pride march without any risk, danger or hate ✊

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