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Farewell ClubbingSpain 😒

Yesterday was a sad day for me.

I received the daily email newsletter, as usual, from the Website ClubbingSpain but this time there was a special article/new. It was informed that the Website would not continue anymore providing news about electronic music.

The closure of this page touched me a lot. Why? This is the Website where I learnt 15 years ago many things:

  • That Hardcore is not Techno.
  • That Jumpstyle is not Techno.
  • That Dave Clarke is Techno
  • That Plastikman is Techno
  • That Mistress Barbara “was” Techno πŸ˜…
  • That Florida135 was one of the best Techno club in Spain
  • That Monegros was one of the best Techno festival in Spain
  • ….


I can still remember that I started to visit the Website after attending to my 1st Techno party, which I already mentioned in a post before.

That Website and forums taught me so much during these almost 15 years… which I could not say “thank you” enough times.

I also remember when I was waiting for a party review which I attended to see if my experience and opinion was similar to the review πŸ˜„.

It makes me really sad to see how social media is killing sources of good quality information. Stories and short stupid videos have more “success” than extended articles about releases or parties. Social media helping assholes with money and 0 effort. People supporting them by giving for free their private info, behaviour, pictures, chats… and everything is ok. Keep running against the wall till the police can know how many times you farted today.

It makes me also sad how almost nobody supported them when they asked for help with donations and a Bandcamp subscription at the beginning of this COVID pandemic. I donated and subscribed, hoping to help them survive during these hard times, but not enough people did. It is not so easy as giving a “like” or sharing a post.

They don’t deserve this, but society thinks different than me, I guess.

Thanks again for your time and effort invested in reporting on electronic music, always with exquisite quality.

I wish you good luck and health in your future. I’ll always remember you <3πŸ€—πŸ˜’. Gracias de nuevo, y que tengΓ‘is salud y suerte en vuestro futuro.

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