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Sales/Donation Report [Jan-Dec] 2020 πŸ€‘

Because 2020 was a shit of year for many people but me (ok, it was not the best year, but also not so bad) I’ll share with you the donations I’ve made and my sales.
During this year, I received 50,28€ over Bandcamp from your donations…!!

Thanks a lot for your support <333.
During this year, I’ve made the following donations:

Other than these donations I’m supporting since some months over Patreon (monthly basis) projects like Stoor or Michael Iseneld and his Label project. I’ve also subscribed to Resindent Advisor in a try of supporting electronic music “journalism”.
At the same time, I’ve purchased during the whole year, except some months in summer, Tracks and productions over Bandcamp.
Stay safe, be responsible and happy end of 2020. Life keeps going.

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