NYH231 iZueL_ – The Last In Line [RELEASE]

Hello people around the world, yesterday was released what will be my last contribution to the label New York Haunted. It will be my last because, as far as I know, the label is coming to an end. But new things will come, for sure. πŸ˜‰

You can check the four Tracks  from the release here,

Spanish by way of Munich producer iZuel_ is back with a whopper of an EP on his home away from home NYH. He is the absolute master in creating subtle, warm melodies on top of cold, hard, pulsating beats and finds ways to move you emotionally while fixated on the dancefloor by really effective drum programming.

This selection of tracks finds him pairing slightly off kilter reese bass on top of deep hoovers, steely percussion on top of almost hardcore kicks and many more feats of genius. Like so many other artists on the label, I don’t understand why labels aren’t jumping all over him, offering him crazy large sums of money, mansions, gold grills and private jets. You just know this music can set off parties like there’s no tomorrow, or start revolutions that actually follow through. I love this EP. I honestly do and I suggest you take 5 minutes of your day to just take a listen. This is end of year list material. Trust me.

There are some “bombs” there. The funniest fact is related to the Track “Atardecer en Trieste”. I remember sitting on the terrace of our apartment last summer during the sunset. I started to try to create a Track which would be calm and deep. After 30 Minutes, as it was getting darker, I realized that putting some more bpms to what I’ve done till then would sound much better… but not calm or deep πŸ˜….

I arranged some ideas further, and I created two versions, the 1st one deep and calm, and the second one, which was basically a rave bomb. When I came back to Munich, I proceeded to work further in both versions, but the 1st one was getting boring and boring, and I was totally not happy with it. But the second one, the rave version, I feel that it could be one of the most baning productions I’ve ever made. I decided to keep the original title, which means ‘sunset in Trieste’.

The other three tracks are from a long time ago, but I was not feeling confident enough about to release them.

About the name of the other three Tracks? They are three topics which are always coming back to my brain again and again.

  • I don’t feel belonging to any “social group” in any way. As I say “too hetero for being gay, and too gay for being hetero”. People from Spain see me as german, and german people see me as Spanish. I don’t feel being part of the “techno family” bullshit neither. Therefore, not with me.
  • When I look around I only see restrictions and laws to control the people. We are somehow free, yes, but not 100% free because of human stupidity. We have to live in a corrupted and not evolved democracy, and I only hope, that some year in the future all the political decisions will be taken by perfect moral trained AIs. Where the responsible people who want to live and let live can be 100% free. And where the morons will be punished as they should. Maybe I’m dreaming too much πŸ˜….
  • Maybe not every day but at least once a week I wish I would be in another planed with a real advanced civilization. I always enjoy looking at the sky. Sooner or later, the Earth will collapse, and then the human civilization will have to options. To disappear, or to find another planet.

I hope you will enjoy the Tracks as much as I do. Take care and stay safe and responsible <3

And I cannot close this post without mentioning Vince, the curator of the label. He gave me three opportunities which I’ll never forget. He trusted me, and his words always move me. Thanks again. I’ll never be able to be thankful enough to you ☺️. I can’t wait to meet you in person again!

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