iZueL_ – X (Take care of your planet) [RELEASE]

And there we go with the 10th release of this series, dedicated to the climate change.

For this one I’ve made a video using Blender, which you can watch here:

The Track itself is on my Bandcamp page, as usual:

I guess that all of you take care of our planet, named Earth, but I think it is important to remind it. Nowadays everything goes around COVID-19 (and it’s variants), and I think we have many of us almost forgotten about the biggest problem which is coming to us. Yes, climate change. I think this picture from Graeme MacKay illustrates what I mean really well:

I remember friends of mine telling me “about the climate change should take care of the big corporations and not us. We cannot change anything is they still do whatever they want!”. And yes, that is partially true, but I think that we have to take part and responsibility too in this topic. With taking part, I mean changing some of our habits in our ordinary lives.

One example would be to consume less meat, as meat production is one of the biggest generators of CO2. Reducing meat consumption would force those “big corporations” to change them, as seeing that meat production would not be profitable anymore. The same goes to having holidays somewhere far than 20.000 km from your living place. Massive tourism brings massive flights, another of the biggest responsible for CO2 generation. Changing your electricity provider to one who supports renewable energies would also be a small step, but at the end better a small step than no step at all. Trying to support CO2 neutral companies and consuming regional goods are also other small steps. Take the bike whenever it is possible.

For reducing waste generation, it has been proved that recycling didn’t work. Therefore the best approach about this is to reuse when possible and to think twice before buying goods. Do you need it?. In my case, I decided years ago only to buy used vinyl. Vinyl production generates a lot of waste. Here we will have to wait till the production of sustainable records come into the market.

Even if we are already too late to slow down or avoid climate change, I think it is worth to change some of our habits. I don’t know, maybe because to have a peace of mind.

As I normally say, “doing something is always better than doing nothing”.

And yes, the big corporations are the big responsible here, but I think that we have some part of responsibility too. But yes, blaming others will always be easier ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚.

I hope you will enjoy the Video, or the Track, or both <3 and stay healthy!

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