iZueL_ – IX (Agusto aka hikikomori) [RELEASE]

IX (Agusto) - Cover

If there is a thing which I’ve realized during this pandemic, is that I have never felt so comfortable before 🤷‍♂

Maybe I’m a kind of hikikomori and I did not know it. But as usual, I would not be a “normal” one, because I like to go out for a walk 😅

After thinking enough about this topic I realized that it could be because of not having any time and/or social pressure.

I do what I want when I want, without having to check the clock. I even forget where my phone is from time to time. The only time of the day which is still “time dependant” is when I wake up, because of my job.

I don’t miss mornings waiting for the Underground, for then seeing how 90% of the people facing their smartphones like drug junkies. Neither having to attend that “social event” which I’ve not planned and that I’m not excited about.

I still wonder how people can get bored at home in 2020. If you have Internet, you can do thousands of things…

  • you can read the news,
  • watch a movie/series/porn
  • learn something new (I’m currently trying to learn to play the piano)
  • read a book, do a power nap
  • cook something new
  • do a workout/sport
  • take care of your pet/plants
  • write/draw/create something
  • play some game/videogame
  • ….
  • … and I miss many other options, for sure.

Try to stop complaining and make the best of this situation.

If I would get an offer of living like right know (pseudo-quarantine), but being allowed to travel within Europe (not necessary fly) 3 or 4 times per year and with a monthly Cruise party at Blitz, I guess would sign it. But who knows, maybe after one year I would notice that I was wrong, but right know if how I see it. I forgot to mention that being allowed to meet my boyfriend and some friends would be also mandatory in that contract 😅 This sounds like the perfect idea which then is shit in real life.

I believe that more than social contact I miss dancing before a huge soundsystem with loud electronic music.

Therefore this Track I produced some weeks ago in a status of total comfort. Agusto means “satisfied” in Spanish.

For Kick & Percussions, I’ve used the MBase11 and the NordDrum2. For the melody, I’ve tested my last acquisition of the MegaFM. All arranged and processed using Bitwig.

Take care & stay healthy and hopefully, you are a kind of hikikomori too ❤️

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