Chart July 2020


My Dj Chart for July 2020,

Done in no particular order. All Tracks available on Bandcamp, so you can support the artists directly ๐Ÿ˜‰

This Chart doesn’t have the 10 Tracks as I’ve not purchased so many music in the last months. The main reason is the lack of motivation due to the closure of the clubs, which always were a source of energy for me. Not being allowed to dance with a big soundsystem since March have had a big influence on how I consume music nowadays and also in my music producer side. And not in a good way.

Also witnessing how djs and music producers are now in a rush of releasing mediocre Tracks and useless merchandise in order to survive (no gigs = no money) proof that the old and current system was and is not working so well as we thought. Welcome to capitalism… no money = no life

Art has no value if it doesn’t generate money.

I see this like a challenge we have to face and maybe an opportunity to disconnect from that “techno scene” bullshit and refind and perhaps redefine ourselves.

To take a break for breathing and thinking is always an excellent opportunity to face things and life from a different point of view.

For August there will be no Chart as I’ve purchased not a single Track. For September we will see.

Stay safe <3

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