iZueL_ – V (Keep being afraid of us) [Release]

This release is for all the people who are scared when they see two men kissing. Yes, keep being afraid of us.


  • Because if your kids notice us, it will become gay.
  • Because if you see us, you can become gay too.
  • Because the people around us can get infected with HIV through the air or just touching you.
  • Because we are on drugs, of course.
  • Because your kids are in danger because we are all paedophiles.
  • Because we can rape you if you are a man, and you might like it.
  • Because we bring no future to the planet earth, just vice, sex and drugs.
  • Because we are allowed to vote and go to the streets.
  • Because we are allowed to adopt children (in few countries), being able to generate/produce more people with the gay disease.
  • Because you will never know if the man close to you is one of us.

For all the people who are using the gay pride to generate money giving no fucks about our rights during the rest of the year, FUCK OFF.


The Track was mainly produced using the M-Base11 and the DFAM. The Hihats are old ones which I took from old unfinished projects, but all of them were produced using the NordDrum2.

Feel free to share and thank you for your support <3

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