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iZueL_ – III (Die Zeit läuft A.C.A.B.) [Release]

If there is something about what I’m aware in the last weeks and months is that time is running and waits for no one.

This Release is also to criticize the police brutality, which I see in the USA. Not to mention the abuse of power which the police do all around the world.

I’ve been controlled by the police some times in Spain and Germany. Normally in a racist way with questions like:
“are you really from Zaragoza? and your fathers are from Spain?”
“you speak german too well to be living in Germany only for 5 years”.

Or like that time in Munich’s Underground when the police controlled me in the middle of around 40 persons, like if I would be a terrorist, for at the end finding nothing. They left me there, and I had to wait 50 minutes to take the next and last train. It was more than clear that the target had to be someone not “white” or “german”. Why didn’t they controlled one of the other 40 persons? We will never know.

I always say that in my 32 years of life, the police never helped me. NEVER. I had many situations in Spain where people wanted to “kill” us in the street with bars. We went to the police, which usually was controlling this kind of incident (or maybe only trying to bust people smoking grass, who knows) and the two times they left us there, just distracting our aggressors. All times they suggested we run so fast as we could while they distract the other guys. Really useful police, just searching for young people peeing on the streets or carrying a small amount of drugs to do “their job”.

Because of this and that, now more than ever, A.C.A.B.

For this Track I mainly used sounds from the NordDrum2 and the Meeblip Triode.

The police never helped the people, but maybe white rich kids.

Time is running, so enjoy life as much as you can while you are healthy.

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