(SMPF​-​013) ISAR @ pantanosumpf [Release]

(SMPF​-​013) ISAR Cover
(SMPF​-​013) ISAR  Cover
(SMPF​-​013) ISAR Cover

End of April a friend of a friend of a friend contacted me asking me to collaborate in a music project.

They are pantanosumpf, a collective of artist from Rio de Plata. Their main idea and objective is a meeting point for different people, different artists so that everyone can have the same importance in their voice and opinion. They collaborate with comic artists, cassette editors, tango masters, barbecue, economists, unionists, visual artists, musicians…

In this case, they thought about creating a record label to make it a music portal for the River Platense and other rivers. They are interested in the theme of the river and the swamp because they see in its image a place of caking, of union, of a massive biological outbreak that generates new life and destruction.

So as a citizen of Munich, with the River Isar, I prepared two Tracks using audio recordings from the river itself. If I’m not wrong, only the Kicks are from the M-Base11, but all other sounds are generated using those two audios I had.

Here you can listen to them,

I hope you enjoy them and as always, feel free to share.

And I will also suggest you check the other releases in the label, as there are many interesting music productions too! -> https://pantanosumpf.bandcamp.com/

It is a pleasure for me to be part of the label 😃

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