iZueL_ Live Vinyl Set – 20200331 πŸ”Š - iZueL_

iZueL_ Live Vinyl Set – 20200331 πŸ”Š

DJ-Set 20200330

DJ-Set 20200330
After 7 Months without Djing, I’m back again with this special Podcast #StayTheFuckHome

I summed up all the music I purchased in Bandcamp during these months and I used it as a source for the selection during this Dj set.

Starting with more deep sounds and ending in a harder way, as usual.

You can see the Tracks which I play at the top of the video so that you can find them.

Traktor sadly decided to not to save the Playlist, so this time I have no Tracklist.

And about the Thumbnail I used? yes, it is a stupid detector.

I hope you enjoy the 04h 20m set

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