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■ ■ Techno Release Series ■ ■

This is the beginning of a (hopefully) long series of releases.

All Tracks are produced using the hardware I have. Just the for the effects and the arrangement I’ll use my PC. No Sample Packs.

The main characteristics of this series are raw and hypnotic.

Hypnotic doesn’t mean simple, at least not for me.

In Germany, I’ve often heard:

Der Teufel versteckt sich im Detail (The devil is hiding in the details)

In Spain I heard too:

Dios está en los detalles (God is on the details)

I don’t care about demons or gods, but I care about the details. Here is where I put all my effort into these releases.

Another different thing which I’m going to do with this series is to use kind of “messages” in the Track’s names. With this, I want to make it more political and sometimes funny. In the last years, I’ve seen that techno is getting too much serious and too less political.

I also thought about using “fancy” colours for the covers, but it was too much for me 😜 but who knows… For now, they will be numbered using roman numbers, which numeric system I always found special.

I’m not a good “hype maker”, but stay tuned. More music will come soon.

Feel free to play as loud as you want and to share whenever you like. It will be appreciated, at least by me 😘

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