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iZueL_ – In memoriam of a tree (Stamm) Video πŸš€

stamm cover

In the last years, I found a special trunk at the Englisches Garten, in Munich. Every time I passed driving the bike by his side, I had to stare at it. It had something special for me, which I can not express with words. Therefore I decided to prepare something for him. This experimental video is the result:

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For the Video, I also used recordings from my last trip from Nepal. The photos of the trunk were taken during different days. People looked weird at me when taking the photos, but I had to do it.

For the production of the Soundtrack, I used the Nord Drum 2 and the Streichfett. I made it during 2019, but due to my old PC performance, I was not able to prepare a video, so now with the new PC, I finished the project.

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