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One of the best releases of the year 2019 is already online. Differences is just an experimental electronic masterpiece. Complex algorithms are chaining incredible sounds which morph through time and space. Everything is moving; everything is chaining… everything is different.

It is released on an exclusive hand-pressed BIO-vegan-recycled vinyl of 690g. Therefore no repress is expected.

Album produced on an unusual place in the suburbs of Munich, which can be felt on how the sounds have been crafted.

Animation directed and designed by one of the most famous anime drawers from Japan, match seamlessly to the release. So far we know, the animation was painted with unicorn blood.

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This album was made as a kind of experiment chaining different kicks between and against themselves and triggering with it notes generating a melody. I intended not to have four kicks sounding in the same way.

When I was a child, someone told me that it was impossible to draw two numbers “8” with the same shape. They will always be different. Therefore I used the number eight for the artwork.

With the purchase, there are included some videos and documents explaining how I managed to do it on Bitwig.

I’ve also prepared a Video or animation for this release.

And here the exclusive streaming,

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