iZueL_ – BOMBO09 ๐Ÿš€

Hard distorted kicks are back again. This time with three sublime productions which will especially blow your mind. Repetitive, not repetitive percs and percussions come and go, dance together, moves together, melt together. Everything without abusing of undanceable bpm speeds.




Ben Cock: OMFG I’m just jerking off
Dax Y: dude, a fantastic release, almost like my biceps
Sร‘TS: my mask just fell off, after 5 years
Nina Kratzig: after this release, I want to have you at my party again. xoxo
Matrixbro: almost so good like my production br0 but not so much 3/4 out there
Revekah: I feel like wanting to do drugs again.
Rodhey: amazing productions, my tattoos are fading away!
Regaliz: ostia puta, these are just temazos! Did you check my last video tutorials, right?
Somewhere: fucking crazy, almost so good like my 15-minute Loopsโ€ฆ I mean Tracks.
Boris Brekja: I would love to play this to my shuffle crew.
Brag: Nice ones, even not using recordings from Instagram!

As usual, no SamplePack were used in these three productions. For the Synth sounds, I used the Streichfett (really versatile synth). Kicks are from the MBase 11, as usual. HiHats live recorded from the Korg EMX-1. Arranged and equalized on Bitwig.

Feel free to share, play, or do with it whatever you want ๐Ÿ™ƒ

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