Sales/Donation Report [Jan-Apr] 2019 πŸ€‘

Sales report and donation from the first quarter from 2019,

As promised, it has been donated to SUB MΓΌnchen.

Like the last time, I added 10€

Some statistics of PC use which I started to track during these four months,

  • I invested 110h: 36 minutes producing music on Bitwig (0,09527 €/hour)
  • I spent 29h: 21 minutes working on Covers, Animations and Video design.
  • I spent 20h: 05 minutes organising project folders in Windows.


How the fuck do I know it? I’m just using the software called ManicTime.

Maybe I should start searching for a new hobby πŸ˜… or maybe not πŸ™ƒ

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