iZueL_ – Penumbra🚀


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After working during weeks, months, years and centuries on this Track… I realised that it was finished when a small kitty with cancer listened to it and got healthy again. It is one of my most perfect and finest finished creations and so unique, that I’m releasing it alone. It deserves it. This release will be a vinyl only release limited to 0,5 copies on 900g Vinyl printed with unicorn blood. It is already a revolution on electronic music productions and is already reaching the top of the EDM Charts around the world.

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After a long time working is this Track, I just decided to release it as itself alone. There is not much context or background about this one, just feelings which I cannot describe with words. Again, no sample pack was damaged. 909 and 808 samples are also not being used in this piece. NordDrum2 and DFAM are the two main hardware instruments used in this one.

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