PEV – Ride, ride, ride my bike πŸš€

Ride,-ride,-ride-my-bike - Cover

Ride,-ride,-ride-my-bike - Cover
Some days ago I got the idea of doing an audio recording while riding my bike. I planed an almost random route, and there I went.

  1. My first mistake was using my smartphone as a recorder. It records only on mono.
  2. The second mistake was putting it on the back pocket of my trousers. I thought it would be protected from the wind, being on the back. But I was wrong πŸ˜…. (something learnt!)

After the ride, I had a 1h windy audio recording to play with.

After spending hours trying to take out sounds, filtering wind distortions, filtering again, resampling, filtering again, compressing, effect chaining… here is the result,

[Exclusive Streaming]

It is only one Track, but I decided to split it into three shorters ones.

I’m happy with the result and with the artwork too. Maybe you like it too πŸ˜‰

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